Old Navy Tops With Pop Music Buyers

  • September 25, 2003
According to a Brand-Link Study conducted by The NPD Group, Old Navy is the apparel chain store most often shopped by consumers who also buy music from today's popular music artists. NPD's Brand-Link Study found that 33 percent of Good Charlotte fans shopped Old Navy, while the same could be said for only 19 percent of Alan Jackson fans. Beyonce fans, however, showed the highest affinity for Old Navy: Over 45 percent of consumers who purchased a Beyonce CD also shopped at Old Navy. Sometimes the relationship between an artist and a brand appears obvious because of demographic or geographic differences; however, the Brand-Link study shows that patterns are sometimes subtle, and stereotypes often do not hold true. For example, it might not be surprising that fans of cross-over country-music artist Alan Jackson are likely to be loyal Bud drinkers who also enjoy Jack Daniel's. And it wouldn't be surprising that Beyonce's fans prefer Corona beer and premium Vodka brands such as Grey Goose and Skyy. Belying the expectations, however, the Brand-Link data shows that fans of Beyonce show a higher incidence-rate for purchasing Jack Daniel's than do fans of Alan Jackson.
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