Online Prescription Drug Comparisons Rising

  • May 17, 2007
Since 2005, the percentage of people who compare prescription drugs online has risen 15 points to 61%, according to results of the 10th annual national survey on Consumer Reaction to Direct To Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medicines, conducted by Rodale's Prevention, Men's Health and Women's Health magazines, with technical assistance from the FDA's Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communication.

The survey found that the No. 1 action taken by consumers after seeing a DTC ad is information seeking--before, during and even after a prescription is filled. The desire for such on-demand information is an "element that [the direct-to-consumer industry] has to contend with in additional to the traditional gatekeepers," said Cary Silvers, director of Consumer and Advertising Trends at Rodale.

The survey also found that among the 36% of consumers who remember seeing any disease awareness ad, half (52%) say they have either talked with their doctor, a friend or family member or searched for additional information online.



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