Nestle Sells U.S. Rights To Turtles Brand

  • May 25, 2007
Nestle USA, Inc. is selling the U.S. rights to its Turtles brand to Brynwood Partners, which owns Stella D'oro Biscuit Co. and Richelieu Foods, through a newly formed company, DeMet's Candy.

Brynwood Partners will also acquire the Turtles production facility in Toronto from Nestle Canada in a separate transaction and will merge this manufacturing facility into DeMet's.

DeMet's will manufacture Turtles in the Canadian facility to supply the U.S. business and will continue to supply Turtles and selected other products to Nestle Canada through a long-term supply contract.

DeMet's will market Turtles in the United States. Brynwood Partners intends to merge another of its operating companies, Signature Snacks, producers of Flipz coated pretzels, with DeMet's and integrate both product lines into a combined confectionery company.

--Nina M. Lentini



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