P&G Seeks Scent-Sensitive Hispanics In Target Stores

Based on research that its Hispanic consumers are eager to use scented products throughout their homes, Procter & Gamble has formed its first multicultural partnership with Target, creating a "Touch of Scent For Every Room."

P&G has created special "end caps" displaying a number of scented P&G products for use in Target stores that serve larger numbers of Hispanics. The month-long promotion grew out of the success of Tide's Simple Pleasure line with Hispanic consumers, and the realization that they wanted even more scent options.

A P&G spokesperson says the company worked with scent expert Alan Hirsch, who has previously developed nine aroma-based personalities for P&G's Hispanic research division.

The products in this promotion include Tide, Dawn, Febreze, Downy, Gain, Bounce, Cascade and Mr. Clean products, and fragrances include lavender, jasmine, roses, violets, lilies and cinnamon.

"Cinnamon can lift your spirits, lilies wake you up, and violets can enhance the speed at which we learn," she says. "But we've found these can all affect mood."



P&G says there's no clear reason why Hispanic consumers are so much more enthusiastic about scents than other groups. But there's no doubt it matters.

"We have learned that while our Latina customer buys a slew of scent products for her home, the scent experience is intrinsically important in how she rates the detergent she uses," the spokeswoman says. "She is really motivated by freshness and goes out of her way to provide it. A fresh, new scent is something even the family will notice and appreciate."

P&G controls 60% of the Hispanic laundry detergent market. Tide is the leader--followed by Gain, another P&G brand, she says. The company has developed specially tailored versions of products such as Tide with Febreze Freshness, Tide Simple Pleasures, Gain White Water Fresh, Gain Fabric Softener, Downy Tropical Bloom and Dawn Botanicals "that include product and packaging attributes that meet the preferences of Hispanic consumers."

Marketing support includes ads on univision.com, Latin radio in key markets, and coupons.

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