Taco Bell Out With Unique Spot For New Taquitos

Taco Bell has launched a tangazo la biashara for its newest product, Chicken Grilled Taquitos. That's Kiswahili for "business advertisement," and that's the language in which the new spots from Draftfcb were created.

The new national TV ad is the first commercial that not only feature elite marathon runners but is also written in Kiswahili, which is the most widely spoken African language, with 50 million speakers in East Africa and Central Africa.

In the past decade, seven of the winners of the New York City Marathon have been Africans.

The USP here is that the new taquitos are quite portable.

In the commercial, which debuts nationwide this week, the leaders of the marathon are stunned when another runner comes from behind to catch them. They are even more surprised when he offers them a Chicken Grilled Taquito. The leaders talk about the new taquitos in Kiswahili and are shocked to find out the other runner speaks the language, too.

"In promoting our new Chicken Grilled Taquitos, we wanted to demonstrate the portability of this product and just how easy it is to have premium, grilled chicken everywhere you go," says Martin Hennessey, marketing director of Taco Bell, in a news release. "The concept that Draftfcb created not only delivered on that strategy, it did so in a new and unexpected way."



The spot will run until the beginning of August.

In 2006, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, Taco Bell spent $276 million on advertising.

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