Pepsi's Aquafina To Source Its Water

  • July 27, 2007
Pepsi has agreed to provide consumers with more information about the source of the water used for Aquafina. It will spell out "Public Water Source" on the Aquafina label.

A Pepsi spokesperson told Marketing Daily that "if this helps clarify that the water comes from a public source, then it's a reasonable thing to do."

As part of a Think Outside the Bottle campaign organized by Corporate Accountability International, Pepsi had been urged to make the changes in its Aquafina label, which includes an image of snow-capped mountains and states "pure water, perfect taste." Although the image implies that the source of Aquafina is mountain spring water, it actually uses tap water as its source, the activist group said in a press release, adding that up to 40% of bottled water uses tap water as its source.

In addition to revealing the sites and sources of water used for bottling, the Think Outside the Bottle campaign calls on Pepsi, Coke and Nestlé to publicly report breaches in water quality, comparable to reports by public water systems, and to stop threatening local control of water when siting and operating bottling plants.



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