Staples Launches 'Dude, Here's My Card' Service

Staples, Inc. says it is introducing "Business Cards in Minutes," which will put professional-quality business cards in consumers' hands in as little as 30 minutes.

But businesspeople aren't the only market for the new cards: The Framingham, Mass.-based retailer says its test-marketing found that thanks to the social-networking craze, everyone from teens to soccer moms are dabbling in customized "social" cards to give people their ever-expanding contact info, from screen names to Skype addresses.

"The increased popularity of social networking sites like YouTube and MySpace created a strong demand for highly customizable cards that allow people to share something personal about themselves," the company says. "Social cards can be used for everything from scheduling kids' play dates and showing team pride to alerting others of food and medical allergies. Teens are even using these cards to bring their online personas to life--sharing screen names, MySpace identities and blog addresses."



The full-color cards are created using Logoworks by HP, available only at Staples Copy & Print Centers nationwide. Customers can order as few as 100 cards, compared to the industry-standard minimum of 250. Prices vary, but cards can cost as little as $19.99 for 100 black-and-white cards and $29.99 for 100 colored cards. For a limited time, Staples is offering 100 free business cards with the purchase of 100 cards.

Such cards even seem to be gaining popularity at the high end. Crane & Co., for example, sells 50 personalized calling cards, embossed with a kiss, for $173. A lime-green card, with palm trees, goes for $176.

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