TV Advertisers Adopt Systems To Play Cross-Platform Ads

Time Warner Cable Media Sales is creating a system that allows advertisers to repurpose cable TV ads for the Web, according to Andy Meadows, the CEO of Live Oak Interactive, which Time Warner hired to build the digital platform. Although the companies are not revealing details about the new service, Meadows said it would also help Web advertisers shift their video content to television.

The still unnamed service--due to launch in September--will first roll out in two markets, followed by regional and possibly national programs if the system proves popular. Given Live Oak's focus on building "integrated application systems commerce," it seems likely the new system will involve some kind of online system for placing advertising.

The news comes amid various initiatives by online players and traditional media companies to build automated systems for placing video and audio ads, both on the Web and in traditional media.

Earlier this month, SpotRunner, which operates an online platform that allows local advertisers to create and place video ads in cable and broadcast TV programming, raised an additional $32 million to expand its business.



In March, Google signed a deal with Dish Networks, a satellite TV broadcaster, that permits the online search giant's advertisers to place highly targeted TV ads, possibly based on subscriber information. Viewers will be able to interact with ads, thus increasing their ROI measurability.

SoftWave Media Exchange, which allows advertisers to buy radio and TV time through an online interface, recently announced its first major partnership with an ad agency. Zimmerman Advertising, an Omnicom Group company that handles retail accounts, is adopting SWMX technology to create its own Z-Media Exchange for placing local TV and radio spots.

Radio is also enjoying a flurry of activity.

Over the last year, Google has tried to lure smaller advertisers to radio through its acquisition of dMarc, an automated online system for placing radio ads. And in June, Bid4Spots, which holds online reverse auctions for the sale of remaindered radio ad space, signed a major deal with eBay that will allow the online auction giant's users to buy radio ads. Since the deal, Bid4Spots has reported a 300% increase in weekly traffic.

In July, Katz Radio bought Net Radio Sales, which lets advertisers deliver ads across a variety of audio and Web-based platforms, including hundreds of station Web sites in its digital network. The company also provides a variety of interactive ads to station Web sites.

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