Massage Device Sales To Spike As Stress Wears Us Out

Sales of massage devices will soon hit the stratosphere, and not for reasons pertaining just to recreational use. A report by Packaged Facts, "Personal Therapy Sensory Devices: Americans Get Their Electronic Om On," says sales of massage devices will take off over the next four years because of the stress of daily life--increasing medical costs and the advent of complementary and alternative medicine.

The market research publisher, a division of, predicts sales of personal therapy sensory devices to reach $1.2 billion by 2011.

Per PF, massagers, air-quality devices and sound therapy products accounted for $934 million of 2006's estimated $1 billion in sales of such devices. However, light and color therapy devices grew 12%, to $26 million last year, per the company.

Packaged Facts also says light and color therapy devices will lead the market in projected sales growth for personal therapy devices over the forecasted period, with a $13.5 million (8.8%) increase over 2006. Aromatherapy and sound therapy devices will, per PF, see 6.5% and 4.1% increases in sales as aromatherapy devices converge with air fresheners, and sound machines combine with clock radio and alarm clocks.



"Consumers want personal appliances that are convenient to use, easy to clean, stylish, maintain a healthy personal equilibrium, offer an invigorating environment for the senses and, most importantly, feel good," says Tatjana Meerman, the publisher of Packaged Facts.

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