Campari Unveils Commissions Initiative, Targeting Artists

When the Altria Group, parent company of Philip Morris, bought the Whitney a building to put its artworks in, it got brand marketing in perpetuity in the building's name: The Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria.

Campari does something similar, if very much smaller, by donating commissioned works to museums that carry a wall sign crediting the brand.

As it continues to target a key demographic for the brand, Campari has expanded its House of Campari contemporary art program--now in its third season--to include a newly announced 2007 Campari Commissions Initiative.

The goals of the Campari Commissions are to provide financial support for artists to create significant new works of art and exhibition opportunities for showing the work, and then to donate the artworks to appropriate museum collections.

Each year, Campari will award a commissioning grant to one Los Angeles artist and one New York artist featured in the previous year's House of Campari group exhibitions.



Lynn Lackey, brand manager for Campari, says that the House of Campari located in New York City's Soho will host "Distinctive Messengers" from Sept. 19 to Oct. 7, as part of its goal to be a "cultural destination." There, the commissioned work of N.Y. artist Valerie Hegarty will be on display along with works by artists who have recently exhibited in the city's top galleries. The exhibition is curated by cultural event marketing group Scenic.

The 2007 Campari Commission for Los Angeles went to House of Campari Los Angeles 2006 alum Nathan Mabry. His work was on public display at the Los Angeles House of Campari in West Hollywood in May and June. It is to be donated to the Hammer Museum in L.A. at the end of this year.

Ads for Campari that are part of its integrated "Passion" and "Hotel Campari" campaigns continue to run in lifestyle magazines.

Campari is part of Skyy Spirits' portfolio of spirits.

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