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Search Marketers: Walk The Talk Or Shut Up

  • DM News, Tuesday, August 28, 2007 1 PM
Did-It's Dave Pasternack takes SEM firms to task in this article, arguing that during the pitching stage, most search marketing agencies wax poetic about their technology and their successes - not about how they'll use their expertise to deliver concrete results for the client.

Pasternack cites a new study by UK-based Intelligent Business Group, a report that surveyed 150 top level U.S. marketing execs -- revealing that some 61% of them believed that the agencies pitching to them had done no research at all on the core issues the company was facing.

While Pasternack does fault the clients who buy into rushed, jargon-laced sales pitches, he lays more of the blame on the agencies (both on- and offline) -- and says that the search marketing industry won't grow unless firms make a serious effort to bolster client trust and improve communication.

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