Pioneer Electronics Unveils Global Brand Campaign

  • September 5, 2007
Pioneer Electronics Inc. Tuesday unveiled a new global brand campaign tied to the launch of its KURO flat-panel displays. A corresponding ad campaign by TBWAChiatDay, L.A. is designed to help Pioneer break away from the commoditized flat-panel television market and reposition the company as a premium brand, connecting with the human emotion that is associated with experiencing home entertainment. The brand repositioning will also be reflected in Pioneer's new logo.

The campaign uses bold, iconic black-and-white imagery to express emotion, subtly reinforcing the importance of black, and the significance of the KURO name.

As part of the global brand strategy, Pioneer has redefined the consumer target for its premium products. The target, known as the "discerning entertainment junkie," is categorized by an appreciation for high-quality audio and video, passion for entertainment, and income to afford high-end purchases.

The ad effort includes national and cable television, print, online, outdoor and immersion events. Pioneer has more than tripled its marketing commitment in the United States over six months. Media choices reflect the interests and preferences of "discerning entertainment junkies," who prioritize great entertainment in their upscale lifestyles. Print will go in Esquire, GQ, Men's Vogue and Wine Spectator, and online sites include enthusiast sites as well as Yahoo, MSN and Google.



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