Broadcasters Find Ad Frequency, Launch Radio Station For ANA

The annual conference of the Association of National Advertisers, meeting October 11-14 in Phoenix, will have its own dedicated radio station courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau. Broadcasting at 95.9 on the FM dial, the "KANA" radio station will feature one-on-one interviews with industry leaders, live broadcasts of general sessions, updates, and on-the-scene reporting from special events, as well as a daily HD radio giveaway.

The radio station's broadcast booth will be located just outside the general session ballroom, so conference attendees can stop by to share their views on the air. The audio broadcast will also be available via television in the rooms of the Arizona Biltmore.

This is the second dedicated radio station created by the RAB to cover an industry event. In mid-September the organization created a Web radio station with streaming audio content covering New York's Advertising Week.



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