Volvo Launches Interactive Campaign In A Cinema

  • October 19, 2007
Volvo has launched an in-cinema campaign in the U.K. that is interactive like a console game. When audiences wave their arms in the air, they are able to control a Volvo XC70 around a driving terrain, collecting various items and passengers along the way.

Volvo Car UK is introducing the "social gaming technology" to support the launch of its newest versions and UK brand message, "Life Is Better Lived Together."

The effort launched at last Saturday's simultaneous screenings of Ratatouille at 12 Cineworld cinemas in the U.K. Each of the regional audiences had to coordinate their hand-waving to score the most points on the virtual course, monitoring their performance on a live scoreboard on the side of the screen. The winning audience was rewarded with free cinema tickets.

Anita Fox, head of marketing communications, Volvo Car UK, said in a release: "The concept was developed in order to engage a group of people and take video gaming, traditionally an individual pastime, to a truly sociable environment."

--Karl Greenberg



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