PetSmart Focuses On PetsHotel In New TV Spot

PetSmart revealed a new TV spot in its monthly newsletter sent to opt-in customers last week.

The 30-second spot broke recently in "a very limited engagement," says a PetSmart spokesperson. However, it is being pulled out of rotation until first-quarter 2008 due to a "reordering of priorities," he says.

The new commercial is called "Away from home" and focuses on the PetsHotel boarding facilities available at select PetSmart stores. The spot shows the similarities between a dog's stay at the PetsHotel and its owner's stay at a regular hotel. The owner tests out the bed in one shot while the dog tries out its bed in the next. The owner taps the top of the TV to try to make the static go away while in the next shot the dog is seen looking up at its own well-focused TV. The next shot shows the owner working out in a hotel exercise room while the following scene shows a PetsHotel employee playing fetch with a group of dogs.

Viewers are invited to visit to find locations and take a virtual tour. The tagline remains "Be better together," which was introduced in a series of spots that broke earlier this year.



Phoenix, Ariz.-based PetSmart opened its first PetsHotel in 2006 and has about 100 locations in 27 states. The ultimate build-out is projected at about 540 hotels, with 292 open by 2010. Each hotel has 20 to 25 associates and is 5,000 to 7,000 square feet.

The concept raises the level of boarding services available to pets and their families by serving all the needs of a pet in a single location, according to the retailer. It recognizes that today's pet parents are applying many of the same techniques used in finding and evaluating child care to finding and evaluating pet care. Guests receive round-the-clock care by pet care specialists trained in the specific care requirements of dogs and cats.

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