Web Service Solicits Baby Birth Videos For Super Bowl Spot

  • October 23, 2007
In what it claims is an open casting call for an upcoming commercial on the Super Bowl announcing the launch of its Web site and the "birth" of its service on Feb. 3, Introfee.com this morning announced a "$1,000 bounty" for clear video footage of a live human baby birth. The company estimated there are 5 million birth videos sitting unused on American shelves since the advent of camcorders. To be eligible for the "call for footage," Introfee.com said the videos must show "clear baby emergence plus footage of umbilical cord," and should be uploaded to any video hosting service (YouTube, Veoh, etc), tag the video with 'introfee' and submit that web link from: http://www.introfee.com/birth-video. Introfee will be available for closed-invitation beta Dec. 17.
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