Court TV Kicks Off 'Actuality' Theme

Following its decision to re-brand itself as "truTV" this past summer, Court TV will add a tagline: "Not Reality. Actuality."

After abandoning the experiment in procedural crime dramas, Court TV will rid itself of its "Seriously Entertaining" tagline moniker come Jan. 1.

It will usher in a slew of unscripted shows, with real people in real situations. Two new shows have been announced: "Sky Racers," about a group of pilots that assist police on high-speed chases, and "One False Move," which follows adventurers on the brink of disasters.

"Racers" and "Move" follow other previously announced programming: "The Real Hustle," which shows how an elite team of experts can steal a person's money and possessions; "Neighbors 911," a series that has a former green beret looking to mend differences among neighbors; "Ski Patrol," which follows the exploits of those who are snow-country rescuers; and "Black Gold," a program about the adventures of oil prospectors.

Next year, Court TV will break itself into two pieces for advertisers --its daytime programming, and its prime-time schedule.



Prime-time programming will continued to be filled with a number of real-life dramas, such as its ongoing "Forensic Files," Haunting Evidence" and "Psychic Detectives."

Morning and daytime live courtroom trials continue, much as they have since the network's launch in the early '90s--but with one big difference. Nielsen Media Research will no longer count Court TV's daytime trial programming--which had garnered low ratings and limited big TV national advertiser interest.

Up until 3 p.m., that programming will essentially be given to direct-response advertisers that don't require ratings guarantees, looking instead to their telephone inquiries to judge performance. One of its bigger new launches in daytime is a talk show hosted by Star Jones, a former prosecutor and co-host of "The View," who has also been a previous host on Court TV.

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