NBC's IGA Deal Expands Reach Into Video Games

Moving more into off-TV media platforms, NBC Universal will begin selling advertising in video games through a deal with major video game advertising seller IGA Worldwide.

With this deal, NBC will expand its media packages to advertisers, as well as being able to promote NBC's own networks and cable shows. At the same time, it gives IGA Worldwide a broader media reach through NBC's media properties.

NBC will now be a part of new video game products from major video publishers, such as Activision and Electronic Arts. Major video game advertising companies, like IGA, strike deals with publishers for representation.

Other bigger media companies have been doing similar deals. Microsoft acquired video game advertising company Massive Inc. last year. More recently, Google bought in-game ad firm Adscape Media. NBC said in its release that in-game ad spending is expected to grow 33% a year over the next five years--faster than online advertising.

IGA Worldwide has done in-game campaigns for 20th Century Fox, Discovery, FHM, Hawaiian Airlines, Intel, Jeep, MTV, and T-Mobile. The company, in part, is backed by GE/NBC Universal's Peacock Equity Fund.



In a statement, Nick Johnson, vice president of digital media sales for NBC Universal, said: "We will now, in addition to TV, Web and mobile, be able to offer marketers a whole new opportunity to reach a highly engaged and ever-growing audience."

On Monday, NBC made a deal with Arena Media Networks, in which NBC will provide content clips to a 10-minute in-stadium video network from NBC Sports, NBC News and NBC Entertainment. As a part of that deal, NBC will be able to sell advertising space on those networks. Recently, NBC has started up other out-of-home media joint ventures with supermarket and taxi networks--an effort to expand its array of media platforms, particularly helpful for its local TV stations.

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