Jockey Invites Consumers To Join The 'UnderWars'

Underwear maker Jockey International, Inc. has launched an Internet social-networking campaign that encourages consumers to do the Tom Cruise-like "Risky Business" routine for 15 seconds of fame and a chance to win cash.

Jockey's Internet campaign, at, encourages consumers to upload videos of themselves dancing in skivvies. The videos will compete in "JockeyUnderWars," an online tournament starting Nov. 15. The winner of the UnderWars, determined by audience voting, gets $5,000.

The Web site also provides music, film and dance moves for contestants to use for their undie rumbas.

Each participant on the site creates an UnderWarrior profile, and can even trash talk with other players to heighten the competitive spirit and further engage voters. Participants can comment and vote on videos to determine which UnderWarriors will win their matches and advance to spar again.

Patty McIntosh, Internet marketing manager at the Kenosha, Wisc.-based company, says follows another recent Web-based effort, She says the two microsites--along with targeted e-mails, sponsorship of select events, in-store promotions and college campus appearances--comprise the bulk of a campaign targeting 18- to-25-year-olds, or a youthful audience.



" is an effort to enable consumers to engage with the Jockey brand in a fun way, as was the case with," she says, adding that the company is highlighting its 3D-Innovations and No Panty Line Promise product lines with these efforts.

She says the company is supporting the effort with banner ads on MySpace, YouTube, RealMedia 24/7, and the Clear Channel Networks. "We realize that a Web site isn't enough to foster a new relationship with potential consumers; we have to go out and meet them," she says.

"We are sponsoring events of interest to college-age consumers." She points out that Jockey recently sponsored CollegeFest in Boston, and is planning to sponsor the snowboard season at Echo Mountain Park, at Idaho Springs, Colo.

"People have the opportunity to see us and interact with us at those events, but they will also begin talking to each other about Jockey. Those word-of-mouth referrals will play a big part in driving traffic to the site. We're also using a media relations campaign to reach out to a young audience," she says.

McIntosh says the effort is not aimed at repositioning the 131-year-old-brand, but supporting its positioning. "The general message of our brand is: 'In a world where you can be anything, the most wonderful thing you can be is yourself.' allows consumers to truly be themselves in a lighthearted and humorous way."

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