Solo Cup Grips Shoppers' Attention In Times Square

  • November 8, 2007
Solo Cup is running 15-second ads for SoloGrips four times an hour until Jan. 1 on the Geoffrey-Tron of the Toys R Us store in Times Square to remind the estimated 87 million consumers who will see it of how easy holiday entertaining can be.

Spanning two 600-square-foot video screens, the spot went up on Monday.

"Solo is an integral part of holiday celebrations, and nothing says 'celebration' like Times Square," says Steve Jungmann, Solo Cup senior vice president/consumer sales and marketing, in a statement. "This is Solo's first appearance in this unique advertising outlet, which we believe is a great opportunity for consumers to connect with our brand this holiday season."

The SoloGrips commercial aired on national broadcast TV earlier this year, with placements on HGTV, The Food Network, Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray. The spot features a young woman nimbly working her way through a crowded party with her SoloGrips cup and plate firmly in hand.

Solo Cup Company is a $2.2 billion company exclusively focused on the manufacture of disposable food service products for the consumer/retail, foodservice and international markets.

--Nina M. Lentini



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