Baileys Launches 'Legend' TV Show

Diageo's Baileys Irish Cream is launching its own TV show in the U.S. Called "Baileys Entertainment Presents Get Together with John Legend," the hour-long show will feature concert performances, interviews and footage with the multiple Grammy Award winner and with other artists on his Homeschool Records label.

The special debuts on the TV One cable network Dec. 16 at 9 p.m. EST, repeating at midnight. Baileys is also sponsoring Legend's tour, "Baileys Get Together Tour with John Legend and Friends."

Yvonne Briese, marketing director for Baileys, says the company's goal is to expand the footprint of the campaign via the TV show.

The debut comes on the heels of "Baileys Get Together Tour" with Jill Scott and the similarly named tour with Legend and Friends. The latter ends this week in Detroit after a five-city agenda. Legend performed his own songs and showcased the stable of artists on his label, including Estelle, Vaughn Anthony and The James Gang.

Melissa Woodbury, brand manager for Baileys, says "The Baileys Get Together" event takes place in small venues "where we create a lounge scene, conducive to getting together with a few friends, having some great conversation and sampling some Baileys cocktails, and listening to great music."



"This is our second year working with John Legend. He fit the brand so well, we wanted to work with him again this year," she says.

Woodbury says the target consumer is 21 years of age and up. "This program helps keep us relevant and top of mind with our more contemporary consumers. We're promoting the TV special in conjunction with TV One through their regularly scheduled programming. We're also working with Giant magazine and Radio One; both are part of the One Solution network."

She adds that Baileys plans to continue the Get Together platform through music and partnerships with John Legend and Jill Scott in the first half of next year.

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