Nielsen: Coors Field Knocked It Out Of The Park

Coors Field delivered 2.4 billion total impressions for its top five sponsors during Game Two of the World Series, according to Nielsen Sports--a division of the Nielsen Company, which measured the results with a new digital system. That trumps just 791,000,000 sponsorship impressions at Fenway Park for its top five sponsors, per the same measurement system.

Most of the difference was attributable to a larger number of display locations for sponsorship messages, including brand images, at Coors Field--such as its fixed home plate signage and displays surrounding the dugout. As natural points of attention for television cameras (and real live spectators), these areas yield proportionally greater messaging opportunities.

The big winner and overall leader in brand messaging at Coors Field was Coors itself, with Molson Coors Brewing Co. getting over 1.5 billion impressions through its home plate signage. It was followed by General Motors, with over 300 million impressions through home-plate and on-screen messaging; Pepsico, with over 238 million impressions around the dugout; and Sharp Corp, with more than 132 million impressions through home-plate signage.

Nielsen Sports uses a digital recognition program which scans streaming video in real time for logos, including data on their size and location on the screen. It will be launched as part of the Nielsen Sponsorship Scorecard service beginning in March 2008.



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