Poland's No. 1 Premium Vodka Wins Medal

  • November 20, 2007
Sobieski Vodka--Poland's No. 1 premium vodka and the world's No. 7 best-selling international vodka--was awarded a Gold Medal and the "Best Buy" award by the Beverage Testing Institute, and was ranked the No. 1 premium vodka and No. 2 overall in a random blind-tasting of 108 vodkas, the largest review of vodkas in its history that included extravagantly priced super-premium brands, the company has reported.

Sobieski Vodka, which recently launched in the U.S., was declared "Exceptional," scoring 95 out of 100 points. It was noted to have "Great subtle, pure, and spicy rye flavors with a lively texture and superb smoothness ... A silky entry and lingering sweet citrus fade with virtually no heat." With its suggested retail price of $10.99 for a 750-ml bottle, the BTI deemed Sobieski Vodka, "An incredible value in a world of high-priced vodkas."

--Nina M. Lentini



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