Cabot Jumps On Greek-Style Yogurt Bandwagon

Citing an increased American taste for the thicker, creamier consistency of Greek-style yogurt, Cabot Creamery Cooperative--best known for its Cheddar cheese--has begun marketing Cabot Greek Style Yogurt.

The product is currently available only in Shaw's Supermarkets, a division of Supervalu with locations primarily in the Northeast, and Publix supermarkets in Florida. Marketing for the near term will be limited to in-store promotions and word-of-mouth.

"We're just going to gradually promote and see what happens," says Jed Davis, Cabot's director of marketing.

Six-ounce packages will initially come in four flavors: Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean and Honey. A 32-ounce plain size is also available. The company had initially planned on targeting the culinary and cooking markets for the product, but discovered through research that some people were looking at it as an indulgent snack, Davis says. Thus, the flavored varieties.

"It seems like there's a proliferation of different ways to enjoy it," Davis says. "As it becomes more of an understood food for people, you'll start to see more people experiment with it."



Greek-style yogurt has been increasing in popularity over the past year. This summer, Fage--an 81-year old brand--broke its first advertising in the U.S. with a two-page ad in New York Magazine. On the left side of the layout were fashion accessories like a watch or a strand of pearls, while on the other side was a picture of a white, creamy substance with an impression of the accessory embedded in it.

In May, Stonyfield Farms, part of Groupe Danone, launched a partnership with Euphrates Inc. to market a Greek-style yogurt under the Oikos brand name. That product is available in natural food and other select grocery channels, according to Stonyfield.

"Greek-style yogurt is going crazy," Dairy Foods Magazine editor David Phillips tells Marketing Daily. "Once people found out about it, suddenly it seems like everyone has jumped on it."

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