Ad Heaven: Ion's 'Firebrand' Airs Only Commercials

Nascent TV network broadcaster Ion has made an unusual move--airing a daily late-night TV show just featuring TV commercials.

The show, "Firebrand," which started Nov. 26, comes from the new marketing company Firebrand. It features high-profile entertainment commercials from movie, TV and video game trailers, as well as spots from popular film directors and past Super Bowls, where some of the best TV creative has aired.

TV networks have aired the occasional special on the best or funniest TV commercials, but never a regularly series that aired on a daily basis. The show will air Monday to Friday from 11 p.m. to midnight.

Firebrand will also stream commercials on its Web site, mobile, iTunes' free downloads and other platforms. In creating more buzz for marketers, Firebrand allows consumers to share commercials.

In helping to market a brand's message, Firebrand will look to strike deals with major TV advertisers. On the company's site, a demo video listed major marketers such as American Express, Axe deodorant, Levi's, Sprint, FedEx, Nike, Xbox, H-P, General Electric and Subway.



To get the airtime on Ion, Firebrand has made a time buy with the network, according to executives, who says Ion sells no national advertising time in the show.

Firebrand says it will program the hour-long show much in the same way networks have programmed music videos. Firebrand is co-founded by former MTV senior executive John Lack, who is its CEO.

"Firebrand" will have "commercial jockeys"--CJs--not unlike MTV style VJs (video jockeys), who will supply background information on the ads.

For the holiday season, Firebrand will launch its "Twelve Days of Firebrand," and give away a prize each day, such as an Xbox or an iPod Nano. Firebrand will soon extend to an area on Firebrand's investors include Microsoft, NBC Universal and General Electric's Peacock Equity Fund.

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