To Offer 'Look-ins' For Viewers

The millions of viewers without the NFL Network hankering to catch the boffo Green Bay-Dallas match-up tonight can view at least some of the action live on

The site will offer live "look-ins" twice an hour that in some instances could last a while--each will stay with the telecast for as long as the team with the ball maintains possession. The "look-ins" will come at 15 and 45 minutes after each hour for the duration of the game between two 9-1 teams. Furthermore, at times the site's feed may go to the action when a team is nearing a score by advancing the ball inside what's known as the "red zone"--although that won't be the case for each foray.

The halftime show will also be streamed live, and highlights will be offered during the game.

Between "look-ins," an NFL Network studio team will host the webcast, commenting on the game plus upcoming NFL action this weekend and answering viewer questions.

Because of disputes with cable operators, the NFL Network is available in only about 35 million homes--and is the only place the game will be available, except on local channels in the Dallas and Green Bay markets.



At least two sponsors will receive notable exposure during the webcast--charter sponsor Sprint and Wendy's, which sponsors the halftime show on the network and has an on-set presence.

The same coverage tonight will also be available on Sprint mobile devices.

Similar coverage will be available online and on Sprint devices for the six other games the NFL Network will carry this season.

The NFL will use the webcast at least partly in an attempt to advance its crusade to get cable operators to pick up the network and pay the fees it is seeking. There will be a "Get NFL Network" promotion, which the league says "allows users who want to get NFL Network to find information on how to get it." That likely means encouraging them to switch to DirecTV or another provider that currently carries NFLN.

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