Herd Of Privacy Elephants

  • by December 20, 2007
Elephant in the room???? How 'bout a herd of 'em! When I think of how unbridled and undisciplined these social network sites are -- including so-called business networking sites like LinkedIn -- can any of us act surprised that we're now being dissected like starfish in an elementary school bio lab?

I don't mind that marketers know me and my habits -- hell, I've been a professional marketer for 30 years!! -- but I'd like to be in control of who knows, and when! And I'm with you...the second I think my ISP is passing out my info willy-nilly, they'll be gone in the next nanosecond (right after you dump yours). Same with mobile phones. I don't want unauthorized text messages, email or any other communication I didn't ask for or subscribe to directly, and if this becomes habit, I'll dump Verizon faster than the proverbial duck heading south in the winter!!

Thanks for your commentary, Mark! Hopefully others will join in on this one-it's important!



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