Screenvision Adds Frank Theatres

Cinema advertising deals are continuing at a steady pace, with Screenvision's announcement Wednesday of a deal with Frank Theatres, bringing 206 screens into the Screenvision portfolio. Based in Florida, Frank Theatres owns properties up and down the East Coast, as far north as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including a number of top DMAs. Altogether Screenvision's network now includes 14,800 screens, with 70% of these concentrated in the top 50 DMAs.

In addition to Screenvision's pre-show advertising and entertainment package, Frank is signing on for its lobby and concession promotions, which include posters and displays, banners, box office handouts and branded popcorn bags and cups.

The Screenvision-Frank deal comes shortly after Warner Bros. announced a deal with National CineMedia, Screenvision's main rival, which brings Warner Bros. content to NCM's FirstLook pre-show package. FirstLook is shown on roughly 13,500 screens around the country, including 49 of the top 50 DMAs.

Cinema advertising in general has been enjoying a boom over the last couple of years.

In October, the Cinema Advertising Council reported 15% growth in revenues in 2006, compared to 2005, to $455.6 million. Both Screenvision and NCM have pushed aggressively to expand their digital distribution networks, or piggyback on digital networks created by cinema owners. The more efficient delivery systems offer advertisers greater control, scale and flexibility.



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