Tremor Media and Digitalsmiths Corp. Partner

  • January 29, 2008
Tremor Media and Digitalsmiths Corp. are partnering to enable contextually targeted video advertising across Tremor Media's network using Digitalsmiths VideoSense targeting solution.

Tremor's network reaches 51% of the Internet delivering banner and in-stream video advertising opportunities that reach more than 92 million unique visitors per month--all of whom will benefit from increased advertising relevance. Now, online marketers can successfully reach users with relevant ads that speak directly to them while they are engaged with the video content of their choice.

Publishers using Tremor's Ad-inStream solution will also have the option to integrate Digitalsmiths AdSafe and AdIQ to ensure that advertisers' brand messages will only be seen adjacent to the most appropriate content.

--Tanya Irwin

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