New Amusement: Six Flags Launches Media Network

Six Flags theme parks is launching an ambitious new place-based media operation, Six Flags Media Networks, offering advertisers an array of channels for reaching theme park visitors. There are nine "Six Flags" media channels in all: Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Outdoor Spectacular, Attraction Integration, Experiential Marketing, and Online. The theme park company boasts that these complementary channels will allow advertisers to surround consumers with ad messages.

Scheduled to launch in March, the place-based video component, Six Flags Television, will reach guests waiting in line for attractions with 45-inch plasma televisions, which play a mix of entertainment and advertising. The displays will feature Bluetooth technology, allowing visitors to participate in sweepstakes as well as download and view a variety of content like music videos and ringtones.

The radio component is already up and running, with broadcasts throughout the company's 21 theme parks. The company will offer advertisers demographic targeting and placement in relevant contexts, both in terms of radio content and locations within the parks. Likewise, Six Flags Print is already producing park maps, guides and daily schedules, planning to distribute 9 million pieces during the active season between April-October.



The outdoor division includes billboards and interactive (digital) signage, also equipped with Bluetooth to spur engagement with passers-by. Some will also be equipped with cool mist showers--a natural draw in midsummer.

The related "Outdoor Spectacular" category gives advertisers access to very prominent marquee advertising, including signs over entrances and throughout the park. Another related category, Attraction Integration, will allow advertisers to put their messages on roller coasters, water rides and near line-up areas for attractions.

The experiential marketing division will provide one-on-one engagement for products appropriate to the Six Flags venue--such as Wii gaming stations to promote the popular Nintendo product and compatible games.

Finally, the Six Flags Web site will begin running banner media and streaming video, online promotions and sweepstakes. According to the company, the site reaches 34 million unique viewers a year.

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