WSJ Adds Sports To Lineup

The Wall Street Journal, known for its serious focus on financial and business issues, is expanding its coverage to include a new sports page, according to a report in The New York Times that cites WSJ employees. The sports page would most likely appear as part of the "Personal Journal" section, one of the new "soft" lifestyle products introduced by the paper to broaden its appeal.

Rupert Murdoch supports the introduction of new editorial content. Specifically, he wants to leaven the dense financial reporting with more coverage of politics and entertainment. In addition to attracting more readers, such moves are viewed as helpful in luring more advertisers for consumer goods.

Prior to Murdoch's purchase of publisher Dow Jones, the WSJ also announced plans to launch a new monthly magazine titled Pursuits, with global distribution of 1.6 million in North America, Europe and Asia.

Following Murdoch's purchase, it was announced that Pursuits will be edited by Tina Gaudoin, previously the editor of Luxx, a similar quarterly published by The Times of London, also owned by Murdoch.



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