MochiAds Launches Casual Games Section On Aeria Games

  • February 20, 2008
Online game ad network MochiAds will launch a new casual games section on Aeria Games, a site devoted to massively multiplayer (MMO) online games.

The new Mini Games section will feature 1,000 short, Flash-based games to complement Aeria's more immersive MMO games. MochiAds runs clickable ads before games and during breaks in game play. Frequency is capped at once every 5 minutes.

Advertisers include Wrigleys, Red Bull, Bit Torrent and Geffen Records. MochiAds previously entered into a distribution deal with women's online network Gaia Online. Aeria's games are monetized through micro-payments allowing players to buy virtual goods--usually under $3 each--to enhance game play.

--Mark Walsh

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