Marchex, Citysearch Ink Content-Sharing, Ad Partnership

  • February 27, 2008
Marchex and Citysearch have launched a strategic partnership that will syndicate Citysearch content--including editorial and user reviews, videos, and ads--across Marchex's network of more than 150,000 local Web sites.

"Marchex's local network will drive highly qualified consumers to our advertisers, and in turn Citysearch user and editorial content will help Marchex consumers make smarter decisions that save time and money," said Jay Herrati, CEO of Citysearch.

Seattle, Wash.-based Marchex's network of sites include the Open List platform, as well as local sites tied to ZIP codes or categories like and Los Angeles-based Citysearch is a division of IAC/InterActiveCorp.

--Tameka Kee



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