Chitika's RPU Provides Online Publishers With Revenue Opportunity

  • February 29, 2008
Chitika, a leader in online branding and advertising, released its Related Product Unit (RPU), a first-of-its-kind online advertising unit strategically placed on a publisher's site to monetize site space that is typically not generating ad revenue.

The Chitika RPU recently underwent beta testing with select premium publishers whose feedback was overwhelmingly positive, especially for the new revenue opportunity. The company is now making the RPU available to its entire network of more than 17,000 online publishers.

The Chitika RPU is placed below the text of a posting and above the "related links" section. Since no other advertising units are designed to capitalize on this site's real estate, the revenues from the RPU are all incremental for the publisher. The customizable design of the unit ensures that it visually coheres with the themes of the publisher's site. It is strategically designed to complement, not cannibalize, revenue streams from traditional programs, such as Google AdSense.

--Tanya Irwin



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