CheckM8 Releases New Rich Media Manager Platform For Publishers

  • February 29, 2008
CheckM8 Inc., independent ad technology provider for publishers, has released a new version of its Rich Media Manager (RMM) platform for publishers. CheckM8's RMM is an advanced rich media system that enables online publishers to produce their own sophisticated rich media formats in-house, without relying on third party vendors.

With RMM, online publishers can create unlimited varieties of unique ad formats to engage viewers, no longer restricting publishers to a finite set of formats that are essentially the same as what their competitors offer. The new version contains new features for format capabilities and content controls including a content analysis engine for contextual ad formats that can animate targeted words or trigger rich experiences related to keywords; dynamic control and sequence of video ad overlays on Flash and Streaming Video content players; and skinned video ad delivery to any page location.

New content controls include automated pausing and hiding of increasingly popular and disruptive video players and Flash objects for full-page ad experiences.

Also new is an enhanced ability to produce, track, and deploy popular Expandable, Video, or Welcome ads through a ready-made library as a plug-in solution to any third-party ad server or direct solution via the CheckM8 AdVantage ad management platform.

--Tanya Irwin



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