AdBrite Launches Open Targeting Exchange

  • April 11, 2008
AdBrite has launched the Open Targeting Exchange (OTX), an open and competitive marketplace for ad targeting technologies.

San Francisco-based AdBrite claims the OTX system delivers superior yield and advertiser effectiveness by leveraging multiple targeting methods and algorithms, and allowing them to compete for the right to match advertisements to publisher web pages.

OTX is an integrated element of AdBrite's network, so publishers and advertisers automatically benefit from competition among targeting providers. Each time a page is viewed on an AdBrite publisher's site, OTX scans multiple eligible targeting algorithms to determine the most relevant and valuable advertisement for the given site, user, and geography.

OTX launches with two initial partners, Lucid Media (formerly Entrieva) and Personifi, which provide contextual matching algorithms for text ads. AdBrite is currently reviewing applications from more than a dozen additional partners, and will be expanding the program to graphical ads and other formats in the coming months. By the end of the year, AdBrite expects to have dozens of technology algorithms competing to generate the most effective results for AdBrite publishers and advertisers.

--Tanya Irwin

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