Tremor Unveils New Video Ad Platform At NAB

Tremor Media will let Web publishers deliver in-stream and overlay video ads from multiple sources in a single dashboard through the latest version of its video ad platform.

Sites in Tremor's network of 800 mostly mid-tier properties, therefore, will be able to run ads sold not only through Tremor, but by their own sales forces and other ad networks.

Through its new Acudeo ad system (formerly Ad-inStream), the company aims to offer the same kind of efficiency in selling video ads publishers are accustomed to in selling display ads.

"It's very difficult to place video advertising when it comes to the different ad servers and media players publishers have to manipulate," said Jesse Chenard, chief strategy officer at Tremor, which unveiled its new software Monday night at the annual National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas. "The new technology solves that problem and makes it as easy to manage as banner inventory."

Tremor still plans to sell the bulk of video advertising on sites in its network, but will let publishers use Acudeo to place unsold inventory through other ad networks. Sites that don't use Tremor's media player can also use Acudeo just to serve ads into their own media players.

A lack of standards for video advertising is widely seen as an obstacle to faster growth in the category. Earlier this month, the Interactive Advertising Bureau issued guidelines for digital ad video formats for public comment through May 2.

The guidelines deal with in-stream ads, and are aimed at standardizing requirements for creative submissions in video spots and defining metrics beyond impressions for video ads such as "midpoints" and "completes." They also seek to ease digital buying across multiple sites by establishing common sizes for overlay and companion ads.

Tremor said its new platform helps publishers comply with the proposed IAB guidelines by standardizing their practices for delivery and playback of video ads, as well as functions such as measurement, billing and reporting.

Other companies are also developing technologies designed to help streamline the video ad-serving process. Online video ad platform Panache, for instance, delivers any type of ad unit into any media player, allowing advertisers and agencies to use the same creative assets across multiple video systems.

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