Coremetrics Upgrades Paid Search Campaign Management Tech

  • April 23, 2008
Coremetrics is set to launch an upgraded version of its Coremetrics Search campaign management platform. The San Mateo, Calif.-based digital marketing technology firm has bundled support for Google AdSense contextual ads, as well as more targeted bid management into the latest software version.

With the new bid management capabilities, Coremetrics Search clients will be able to set rules that tailor their keyword bids to snag consumers at different phases of the purchase pathway. For example, advertisers aiming for searchers in the product discovery or research phase can set bids for more broad terms, while those targeting consumers who are ready to buy can raise or lower longer-tail term bids accordingly. The targeting data comes from Coremetrics LIVE Profiles, a tool that records visitor actions on a Web site, and links the automated bid changes to documented, desirable consumer behaviors.

The AdSense integration allows Coremetrics Search users to manage their contextual ad campaigns across Web sites that are in Google's content network. "The fact that we can support content networks as well as search networks vastly increases the reach for digital marketers," said John Squire, chief strategy officer at Coremetrics.

--Tameka Kee

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