Companies Must Exert Control To Safely Deliver Digital Content

headshotIn a newly published whitepaper, Digital Element, an IP Intelligence solutions provider, looks at the evolving delivery of online video and examines how companies can safely and lawfully deliver digital content for today's geographically dispersed audiences.

"There are a lot of dynamic parts involved in the process that can present global challenges that far exceed the pages of any Website--if not handled properly," said Digital Element EVP Rob Friedman regarding managing digital rights. "The solution in its simplest form is summed up in one word: Control. However, that control needs to be risk-free for companies and transparent to end users."

IP Intelligence is the anonymous data derived from analyzing a Web user's IP address and includes geographic location--country, region, state, city and ZIP code; connection speed; Internet Service Provider; language; and other information.

Above all else, Friedman recommends quality. "It is imperative for companies to use the 'best technology available' to obey their contracts rather than relying on the cheapest solution," he said. "Low-cost solutions will likely lead to legal liability in the event a company is challenged. In a legal proceeding, a court may very well ask 'Why didn't you use the best technology?' And, unfortunately, cost is a bad excuse."

Through the firm's patented NetAcuity technology, Digital Element has worked with clients--including AOL, DoubleClick, aQuantive, and geo-target online ads at the city level, as well as view, parse, analyze, and act on online data in real time. Digital Element also serves geographically targeted paid search results and customizable content.

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