Greystripe Releases Data On 'The Golden Compass' Campaign

  • April 28, 2008
Greystripe, which distributes ad-supported mobile games, has released data from a campaign it ran last fall for New Line Cinema's film "The Golden Compass."

The campaign led to a 19.3% increase in awareness of the film's title and a 9.5% increase in interest in seeing the movie. Intent to see the fantasy flick increased 14.5% among people aged 18 to 24.

Among the 786 mobile Web consumers surveyed by Dynamic Logic, 35% use their phones for finding theater and movie times and 29% to watch movie trailers. Mobile ads were most effective among those described as "avid" moviegoers (those who have seen three or more movies in the theater in the previous two months).

Greystripe's AdWrap platform serves ads into more than 800 mobile games across 1,000 handset models.

--Mark Walsh

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