Facebook Game Creator Receives Financing

  • April 28, 2008
Serious Business Inc., which makes the popular Facebook social game Friends for Sale, has received $4 million in first-round financing from Lightspeed Venture Partners, according to the blog Inside Facebook.

The game lets people buy and sell friends like commodities with virtual currency. When someone buys you, your value increases. The application has amassed 600,000 active users on Facebook. The viral appeal of game applications on the social network hasn't been lost on venture investors.

Serious Business is the third Facebook game developer to raise a significant round of funding after Zynga and the Social Gaming Network (through parent company Freewebs).

Not all Facebook developers have been as fortunate. Earlier this year, Hasbro reportedly demanded that creators of the popular Scrabulous game on Facebook remove the application because it violated the company's intellectual property rights on Scrabble.

--Mark Walsh

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