$1.9 Million In Giving Says Aloha To Akoha

  • by April 29, 2008
Promising to escalate the gift-giving applications so popular on Facebook and other social networks into a full-fledged socially positive gaming experience, a Montreal-based startup called Akoha has raised $1.9 million in two rounds of financing for what it describes as a "new type of multiplayer online/offline social game."

Akoha, whose tagline is "Meaningful Play," will not officially disclose details of the new project, referring only to "elements of social entrepreneurship, massively multiplayer and reality-based games. However, co-founder Austin Hill, in a recent video interview with good deed evangelists The Spread Love Project revealed that Akoha will be a "pay it forward giving game whereby you earn points based off how well you give to other people."

Full details are scheduled to be disclosed when the game becomes available to the public this fall, but beta testers are currently invited to sign up at the Akoha Web site.

Hill was formerly president and co-founder of software company Zero-Knowledge Systems, now Radialpoint. The other Akoha co-founder Alex Eberts was Zero-Knowledge's vice president of development and founding project manager.

The long list of angel investors includes Lavalife co-founder David Chamandy and gaming veteran Alan Gershenfeld, a former senior vice president at Activision Studios, who is now managing partner at the E-Line Ventures fund and a director of the Games for Change group. Hill's own Brudder Ventures is also an investor, along with Montreal Start Up.

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