Jack Daniel's Parks Nascar Race Car On New Mini-Site

Jack Daniels campaign

In order to drive brand engagement, Jack Daniel's has created a mini-site called "Jack's Track," where it hopes consumers will spend hours with the brand's Nascar race car as it rotates in a garage, races around a track and makes a pit stop.

Jack Daniel's expects that consumers will learn how the brand's values are "woven throughout the car" via the interactive, 360-degree experience, the company says.

The site is composed of three primary scenes: the Garage, the Track, and the Pit. Within the Garage and Pit scenes, users are given the ability to fly around the car to various angles and learn about different components of the car or the racing process through interactive hotspots.

On the Track, the hotspots appear as the car drives through the straightaway, into a turn, and on to the finish. The hotspot content is delivered either by text and imagery or through videos of Gil Martin, Jack Daniel's Racing's crew chief, driver Clint Bowyer or team owner Richard Childress.



The site, created by Dallas agency Slingshot, is located within JackDanielsRacing.com and went live this month. Birmingham, Mich.-based Speedshape was a development partner in creating the 3D sequences and environments.

Jack Daniel's is in its fourth year of Nascar Sprint Cup racing.

The goals of "Jack's Track" are to drive brand engagement, measured through time spent on the site, and to build consumer/brand relationships though database registrations.

With the 3D mini-site, Slingshot chose an interactive, 360-degree experience as a way to subtly communicate to consumers how Jack Daniel's brand values are woven throughout the car to make it what it is.

The site closes with the ability for consumers to forward the site to friends as well as to sign up for the Jack Daniel's Racing newsletter.

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