Hershey Rolls Out 'Cash 4 Gas' Promo

  • June 19, 2008
It involves the PayDay and Skor candy brands bars, wherein specially marked packaging will offer consumers chances to win a variety of gas-related prizes.

Through December, consumers can win 50 grand prizes of cash for gas for one year valued at $2,340. Others can win $45 cash toward a tank of gas. More than $360,000 in cash prizes will be given away in all.

The Hershey Company kicked off the "Cash 4 Gas" promotion this week. Support includes in-store promotion with a two-month radio campaign in 36 major markets. The radio campaign includes radio advertising, on-air announcements and contests to drive awareness of the opportunity to win free cash for gas, all while enjoying PayDay Bars and Skor Bars.

--Nina M. Lentini

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