GlamX Vertical Ad Exchange Launches For Secondary Ads

  • July 10, 2008
Glam Media is launching the GlamX Ad Exchange, a vertical ad exchange for display inventory placement and targeted brand advertising. It enables advertisers to target by audience, content and placement effectively connecting publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks.

The exchange joins the Glam Evolution Ad Services platform: Glam Digital Primetime for premium display and video ads and Glam Interactive Solutions for custom brand engagement campaigns.

The GlamX Ad Exchange is designed specifically to allow members of Glam Media's Publisher Network to make additional ad inventory available to Glam approved brand advertisers, agencies and trusted ad networks. Advertisers can reach their audience with secondary ads that provide far better reach. GlamX is an open exchange, allowing brands to bid for different targets and optimize their spending in a fully transparent environment.

The GlamX beta is currently available immediately to select digital agencies and publishers in the Glam Publisher Network. GlamX will be available to all agencies in the fourth quarter of 2008. --Tanya Irwin



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