Habbo, Conduit Partner For Teen Toolbar

  • July 10, 2008
Conduit, a provider of Web site syndication services for Web publishers, and Habbo, a virtual world for teens, partnered to create the Conduit-powered Habbo community toolbar, built using the Conduit website syndication platform.

Through syndication of the site's best content, the community toolbar gives millions of Habbo users instant, up-to-date access to the online network through their browsers, even when they are not on the Habbo site.Using the Conduit platform, Habbo now has a tool for boosting user loyalty and satisfaction, and a new channel for marketing to its community.

The Habbo community toolbar is a new browser tool is completely customizable, and can accommodate a variety of applications like chat, forums, feeds, and My Habbo homepages.--Gavin O'Malley



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