Google Promotes DIY Via SpotMixer

SpotMixer screenshotSpotMixer, which offers self-service tools to small- and midsized-advertisers for creating TV commercials online, said Wednesday that customers can now distribute their ads through Google AdWords and its TV Ads service.


Google recommends a variety of specialists to produces commercials, but they are now promoting the notion of do-it-yourself production through SpotMixer. As soon as customers have created ads on SpotMixer, they can setup their campaign using Google TV Ads with existing AdWords accounts.

SpotMixer is positioning itself as a simple, low-cost option for both creating and distributing TV commercials, as customers can now buy air-time on the various networks and shows where Google TV Ads offers inventory.

"It's never been so easy and affordable to enter the TV ad environment," said Mark Moore, CEO of One True Media, which owns and operates SpotMixer. "Google TV Ads' distribution and reporting platform is huge boon to us and our customers."



Advertisers can upload their ad to the Google TV Ads program, select the dayparts, programs and channels on which they want their ad distributed, set a budget, and view tracking and measurement reports to analyze the performance of their ad once it runs.

Additionally, SpotMixer allows customers to re-purpose components from radio or online video ads they have already created, and incorporate them into new TV spots. For example, audio from a previously created radio ad can be reused and modified into a TV ad by simply adding video, photography and text elements.

"This cuts down on the cost of production ever further," said Kathleen Farley, vice president of product marketing at SpotMixer.

SpotMixer presently already allows clients to distribute video ad through other services, including Yahoo, Yellowbook, and Superpages.

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