Facebook Offers Advertising Tips

  • July 10, 2008
Facebook has started giving tips for advertising on the social networking site in a new e-mail newsletter. Sent out to marketers who have bought campaigns on Facebook, the first edition amounts to Online Advertising 101.

It recommends things like using keywords to narrow target audiences by interests and experimenting with different ads and targeting. The one-page online guide also suggests making ads stand out by writing clear, concise ads.

"Be sure to highlight any special offers or sales that are available and end your ad with a strong call to action like Click here for more info or Shop and order online," the newsletter instructs. "Oh, and include your brand or company name and an image of your product!"

A Facebook spokesman said the newsletter was aimed at smaller, less sophisticated advertisers rather than big brand marketers. He added that theres no way to sign up for the newsletter yet since its designed for current advertisers.--Mark Walsh

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