iPhone For President?

  • July 11, 2008
In case you haven't heard enough about the iPhone 3G yet, Nielsen Online and Nielsen Mobile unleashed a barrage of facts and figures to coincide with the device's release today.

Despite the hype, Apple has captured only 11.6% of the smartphone market with the iPhone, coming in fourth behind HTC (25.2%), Research in Motion (23.4%), and Palm (19.3%). But in the quality-over-quantity department, iPhone users reported the highest overall satisfaction scores among major smartphone makers.

How do iPhone users shape up? Two-thirds are male, almost a quarter are Hispanic, 55% are under the age of 35 and 63% make over $75,000.

Underscoring that the iPhone isn't about to overtake the BlackBerry as the business world device of choice, only 39% use the iPhone for business (with only 15% saying their employers foot the bill themselves), while 61% are personal users.

Given its popularity, the iPhone might even consider running for president. With 1 in 100 new blog posts about the sleek accessory, it's generating more buzz online than either John McCain or Barack Obama.--Mark Walsh



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