iPhone Apps: Gaming, Social Networking Lead The Way

The 500 applications released for the iPhone last week are making almost as big a splash as the latest model of the device itself.

So, what are the big sellers among the applications so far? The apps actually come in two basic flavors: Paid and free.

Games and sports dominated the top 10 paid iPhone apps in Apples' online App Store, opened the day before the much-bally-hooed July 11 launch of the iPhone 3G. "Super Monkey Ball," from Sega, "MLB.com at Bat," and "Enigmo" from Pangea Software, held the top three spots, with three other game-related titles in the top 10.

Among top free apps, social networking and music-related services were most prevalent. That spans mobile versions of Facebook, MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Radio and Pandora Radio. The New York Times also has one of the most popular free offerings in the App Store.

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs said 90% of the apps will cost $9.99 or less, some go well beyond that range. Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards, with more than 300 detailed illustrations, for instance, goes for $39.99.

At 99 cents, the popularity of top 10 app FuelGauge has as much to do with soaring gas prices as its own price. It lets iPhone users track their miles per gallon with each fill-up.



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